The World in Children's Hands
International Children's Art Festival in English and Children's Creativity
JULY 6-11 2018
Svetlana Atanasova
Founder and head of the festival
"Our festival is dedicated to the stage art. Here children can take part in such nominations as: drama art, vocal skills, recitation, choreography, folclore.

The festival is the place, where people can enjoy and understand themselves regardless their cultural and national differences. It is a great opportunity to share our passion for English learning and teaching, to develop and improve student's English language skills.

The festival organizers will make you feel at home with their warm demeanour. You will be the dearest, the most important and valued guests. I do believe all the participants will truly understand that the world and justice are in children's hands. We are looking forward to meeting you! "
You will experience
English language practice
You will speak English not only during the festival, but also in the town. Furthermore, you can pass the exam LCCI

Creative and warm atmosphere
We invite you to perform and demonstrate your talent and skills. Not only you can show your creativity during the festival days, but also you will meet friends for life
Low prices
Our festival offers discount for participants for excursions and accommodation. In Balchik the prices are lower in comparison to the prices in other cities in Bulgaria, so you will experience great shopping!
International diplomas
and certificates
Master classes
You can take part in
Drama art
Vocal Skills
in native language (45 min.)
in English (10 min.)
7 minutes
Age categories
I category
in native language (45 min.)
II category
III category
in native language (45 min.)
in native language (45 min.)
Preliminary program
JULY 6th
Participants arrival in Balchik, Bulgaria. Accommodation. Inauguration of the festival. Performance rehearsals
JULY 7th
Competition from 10:00 h.
JULY 8th
Competition from 10:00 h.
JULY 9th
Competition from 10:00 h.
JULY 10th
Master-classes. Free time for going to the beach. Children's party — day of friendship
Awards and Closing ceremony of the festival
Our participants
return to the festival every year because it gives them the opportunity to find friends for life!
"Looking back at our fortnight stay in Balchik I would like to state that it was splendid and unforgettable. I am grateful to Alyona Gromushkina, editor-in-chief of magazine "English", who introduced me to Svetlana Atanasova during one of MELTA (Moscow English Teachers Association) festivals. I found a like-minded person in Svetlana, an educator with the same approaches to teaching English. We both motivate students through acting, reciting and singing. But moreover, Svetlana has a distinguished talent of event planner. And her festival is a real event! She was able to organize competitions, activities and bring together people of shared values. Thank you, Svetlana, for your wonderful festival! In my comments, I also thank the members of the jury for their unbiased judging and give my best regards to all the participants of the competitions. You were great on the stage!"
Irina Ishkhneli
teacher of English, secondary school 1738, Moscow
"It was really exciting to watch different theatre groups. Some of them were real professionals like "Step by Step" and "Nadezhda". Others were amateurs. But all of them were fascinated by the greatness of dramatic art and the English language. The performances were marked by creativity. As for me, I was awarded and got a totally positive experience. Besides, I had a great beach holiday and made friends with nice Bulgarian girls"
Ivan Mulenkov
a 7th grade student, school 1738, Moscow
"We were quite nervous before our first appearance on the stage of international competitions. But we did our best to make this acting successful. As a result, we won 2nd place in the nomination "Theatrical Performance", which was a big achievement for us. Bulgaria is a cool place! It will be always remembered due to its hospitable people and wonderful sea. By the way, I asked my teachers and parents to organize another trip to Bulgaria next year. I will work hard during this school year to make my dream come true"
Aloyna Egorova
a 7-year student, school 1738, Moscow
"All the groups that took part in the festival competitions had a chance to show their creative approach to the chosen material and their knowledge of English. Grand prizes were given to the best groups. The jury's decision was fair. The winners spend a lot of time on the stage to prepare for the performances. It was really useful to watch how other teenagers perform and interact. Attitude towards acting should be serious – it's real work. I also want to thank Svetla for her kindness. In Balchik, I could see only friendly people!"
Marianna Maksimova
a 7-year student, school 1738
„In our school – "Hristo Botev" secondary school in Rakovski, Bulgaria, we have a theatre group, which organizes theatrical performances both in English and in Bulgarian. We usually play in school concerts or town festivals. So – we were very happy to take part in the festival "The world in children's hands" in Balchik, where we had the chance to perform on international scene. The 7 days there flew so fast, because everything was perfect – the organization, the attitude of the director Svetlana Atanasova, the opportunities for contacts with people, who value teaching English through drama as much as we do. These 7 days turned out to be the source of a year long memories of the gorgeous time we had there. All the kids are impatiently looking forward to the next festival, which we do hope will take place in 2011."
Milena Lessova and Monika Kossova
group leaders of the "English Language Hunters" from Rakovski, Bulgaria
"Svetlana Atanasova, the festival organizer, did her best to give the most interesting excursions, allow us to use the biggest swimming pool, found a professional, careful doctor ,and collected a very professional international jury."
Irina Burmistrova
a group leader from Lefortovo
Jury of the festival
Highly qualified, experienced, intelligent-these epithets are not sufficient enough to describe the personalities of the members of our jury. All of them are creative , talented and ready to help the participants with good ideas and some useful advice.
Zdravka Bancheva
EFL teacher and lecturer in "Business Communications and Negotiation" in English and "Event Management" in English Actress in the amateur theatre of Culture house "Paisii Hilendarski" Balchik, Bulgaria, laureate of gold and silver medals from national and international theatre festivals in Bulgaria, Denmark, India and Japan. Certified amateur theatre director. "I adore life as the greatest work of art God has created. I admire everybody creating with his inspiration, love and commitment."
Elena Suhachova
A highly qualified professor of English and English literature at Lomonosov Moscow university. Mrs Suhachova is an author of many articles about English language issues. She has been a chairwoman of Moscow Children's festivals.
Mila Mavrova
A professor of operatic, pop and jazz singing at "Коnstantin Preslavsky" Shumen university, an experienced and qualified teacher of pop and jazz singing at "Dobry Hristov' national art school in Varna. Mrs Mavrova has great achievements in her professional career. Her students are winners in many festivals, including a competiton in Hollywood.
Natalia Timofeeva
An actress of honour of Russia, a member of Russian Theatre actors' organization, a member of writers' unity, a director of Moscow Children's musical theatre "Expromt". Mrs Timofeeva is a manager of methodical activities of art and culture schools of Moscow department. She has been a member in juries of various festivals, an author of many projects. Natalia Timofeeva has derected a lot of spectacles.
How to apply
Make a list of all the participants, complete it with the name and the address of your team. Fill in and sign the application below.
Send both of the documents to our e-mail:
The list is needed to be signed by the maire of Balchik, beause it is the official document for a free group visa. The city administration will send you back an official invitation by e-mail.
Prepare all the documents needed for a visa (you can find the list at the official internet page of the Bulgarian embassy or visa centre of your country). If some of the participants already have Schengen visas, it works for Bulgaria also.
If You need assistance for paperwork and buying tickets, please feel free to phone us: +359 887464748
Please check the rules for sending children abroad without parents in your country.
Send us a prepayment. We will confirm it and send you all the information needed.
Frequently asked questions
How to stay in touch with the children during their stay in Bulgaria?
There are free wifi spots in every hotel. Network coverage area includes the whole town.
What if the child gets sick during the festival?
A doctor ready to examine children at any time works at the festival. All the medical services are paid by your medical insurance. For further details, please contact your insurance company.
What's the exchange rate lev-euro? Where to exchange money best?
It's better to exchange money in the banks of the town.
The exchange rate is: 1,96 lv = 1,00 euro.
Are there any cafes/restaurants in the town?
Along the quay there're lots of places to enjoy delicious and healthy Bulgarian cuisine or Central European food as well.
Prices example:
Ice-cream - 0,5 to 1,5 euro
Souvenir - from 1,5 euro
Coke: 0,6 euro
Can I go to Bulgaria with a Schengen visa?
Yes, you can.
Can we find a place to stay by ourselves and take part in the festival?
Unfortunately, no. The stay in provided by the organizational committee of the festival.
If you have any further questions
please, write us a letter
You can also contact us via e-mail:
or phone:
+359 887464748
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