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     Balchik is located in a small bay on the northern Bulgarian Black Sea. We are not going to give you  further geographical information,you can read it  in any  tourist  guide. We want to show you the town from the other side. Everyone, who likes  unusual places for their holiday,is welcome to Balchik. There is no doubt that the architecture of he town is unique-it is  arranged  amphitheatrically  above the bay. Balchik is  picturesque with its white stone  cliffs and stunning seaside.

     This exciting atmosphere inspires  a lot of artists and poets to create fabulous masterpieces. Balchik  is the right  and preferable place for those ,who want  to escape from the noisy, crowded  streets and polluted air of the big cities. They can forget city vanity, get closer to the natural lifestyle  and enjoy the peacefulness ,sandy beaches and sunbathing.

     Balchik   is an ancient town with a rich historical heritage ,which is a certain source  of inspiration  for everyone  who is interested in history. It is called the land of seven civilizations. The local people  are proud of sensational archaeological  discovery –the best preserved Hellenistic temple in Bulgaria,the temple of Cybele-the Goddness  of fertility,also called the Pontial Mother of gods. For romantic and  beauty-lovers Balchik is  a  favourite  place.

     They fall in love  with it  forever because they feel   the magical power of  an amazing  botanical garden and Queen Maria’s palace. It is a paradise place,  blessed by God,  where people can walk and dream captured by breathtaking colourful views. If you are  interested in taking part in the cultural  events, you should visit Balchik. It hosts a lot of  festivals  during the summer and has a rich cultural schedule.

     But definitely the greatest wealth of Balchik is its people. They are sociable, vibrant, hospitable and helpful. Foreigners appreciate their warm attitude and make friends with them. Bulgaria, Balchik and Bulgarians are always ready to greet the guests. Welcome to Balchik and have a great time!

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