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Svetlana Atanasova

Founder and head of the festival

“Our festival is dedicated to the stage art. Here children can take part in such nominations as: drama art, vocal skills, recitation, choreography, folklore.

The festival is the place, where people can enjoy and understand themselves regardless their cultural and national differences. It is a great opportunity to share our passion for English learning and teaching, to develop and improve student’s English language skills.

The festival organizers will make you feel at home with their warm demeanour. You will be the dearest, the most important and valued guests. I do believe all the participants will truly understand that the world and justice are in children’s hands. We are looking forward to meeting you! ”

You will experience

English language practice

You will speak English not only during the festival, but also in the town. Furthermore, you can pass the exam LCCI

Creative and warm atmosphere

We invite you to perform and demonstrate your talent and skills. Not only you can show your creativity during the festival days, but also you will meet friends for life

Low prices

Our festival offers discount for participants for excursions and accommodation. In Balchik the prices are lower in comparison to the prices in other cities in Bulgaria, so you will experience great shopping!


art festival

International diplomas
and certificates

art festival

Master classes

You can take part in


Drama art

in Native Language (up to 30 min.)
in English (up to 30 min.)


Vocal Skills

Folklore – 7 minutes



Age categories

l category – from 8 up to 11

ll category – from 12 to 14

lll category – from 15 to 17

lV category – older than 18

Preliminary program

  • JULY 2nd 

    10.30. Inauguration of the festival.Competition- Choreography

  • JULY 3rd 

    Competition from 10:00 h. Vocal Skills

  • JULY 4th 

    Competition from 10:00 h. Drama Art

  • JULY 5th 

    10.30 Master Classes   16.00  Round table

  • JULY 6th

    Awards and Closing ceremony of the festival. Gala concert. 

  • JULY 7th

    Awards and Closing ceremony of the festival. Gala concert. 

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Our participants

return to the festival every year because it gives them the opportunity to find friends for life!

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Jury of the festival

Highly qualified, experienced, intelligent-these epithets are not sufficient enough to describe the personalities of the members of our jury. All of them are creative , talented and ready to help the participants with good ideas and some useful advice.

How to apply

The World in Children's Hands

Make a list of all the participants, complete it with the name and the address of your team. Fill in and sign the application below.
Send both of the documents to our e-mail:

The list is needed to be signed by the maire of Balchik, beause it is the official document for a free group visa. The city administration will send you back an official invitation by e-mail.
The World in Children's Hands

Prepare all the documents needed for a visa (you can find the list at the official internet page of the Bulgarian embassy or visa centre of your country). If some of the participants already have Schengen visas, it works for Bulgaria also.

If You need assistance for paperwork and buying tickets, please feel free to phone us: +359 887464748
Please check the rules for sending children abroad without parents in your country.
The World in Children's Hands

Send us a prepayment. We will confirm it and send you all the information needed.

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Frequently asked questions

How to stay in touch with the children during their stay in Bulgaria?2018-02-18T17:15:37+02:00

There are free wifi spots in every hotel. Network coverage area includes the whole town.

What if the child gets sick during the festival?2018-02-18T17:16:16+02:00

A doctor ready to examine children at any time works at the festival. All the medical services are paid by your medical insurance. For further details, please contact your insurance company.

What’s the exchange rate lev-euro? Where to exchange money best?2018-02-18T17:16:57+02:00

It’s better to exchange money in the banks of the town.
The exchange rate is: 1,96 lv = 1,00 euro.

Are there any cafes/restaurants in the town?2018-02-18T17:17:42+02:00

Along the quay there’re lots of places to enjoy delicious and healthy Bulgarian cuisine or Central European food as well.
Prices example:
Ice-cream – 0,5 to 1,5 euro
Souvenir – from 1,5 euro
Coke: 0,6 euro

Can I go to Bulgaria with a Schengen visa?2018-02-18T17:19:24+02:00

Yes, you can.

Can we find a place to stay by ourselves and take part in the festival?2018-02-18T17:19:58+02:00

Unfortunately, no. The stay in provided by the organizational committee of the festival.

If you have any further questions

please, write us a letter

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